Fat Burning Activities for Women

Eliminating fat is quite a simple task and many people attempt to drop fat at some point in their life.  Unfortunately, statistics show that most fail in their efforts.  Those who do succeed, do so by following two simple principles: a balanced diet and regular exercise.  Many turn to fad diets and other quick-fix weight loss schemes.  But time again, we have seen that legitimate lifestyle change -- giving more time and importance to exercise, healthy eating and good old-fashioned hard work -- is what produces results.  Which workout plan should we subscribe to?  In my opinion, the ideal workout is the one you enjoy doing most.

Some of the best fat burning activities for women are:
v Rowing: No doubt rowing is an ideal aerobic workout. It can be done both indoors and outdoors. It mainly targets the primary muscle groups; curbs excessive fat and is more effective than the rest of the aerobic workouts. On an average, you can burn 840 calories every hour in the activity.

v Running: You can do this within your house range. Include it in your major fat burning activities and you will burn up to 600 calories per hour. To couple, it also tones your muscle groups and improves your overall health. Running involves your constant physical effort and helps in eliminating your body fat and calories even post workout.

v Cycling: Cycling is one of the most popular workouts and you can do it both indoors and outdoors. An outdoor cycling piece of equipment may not cost you much and when done regularly burns your fat effectively. Based on the intensity level, cycling can burn your calories ranging from 272 to 1088. You can also try participating in cycling races conducted in your neighborhood that may help you reach the highest intensity level.

v Swimming: If you own a pool, be informed that you have a wonderful Cardio workout space within your premises. Everyone in your house can take part in it. Go swimming and burn calories around 500 to 700 per hour. You will also experience the enhanced metabolism. No wonder if you have broad shoulders, toned arms, buttocks, flat tummy and hips.

v Walking: Walking is a body friendly activity. It is a renowned low impact fat burning activity that people worldwide follows for weight management, and to keep away the health risks like diabetes, heart diseases, high blood pressure and so on. To increase the potential of fat burning, you can transform your morning walks into a power walk by switching between higher and lower intensities. You can also walk on steep hills and the more vigorously you workout, the more calories you will eliminate. 

v Elliptical Training: Get onto the elliptical trainer, place your feet on the footrest and hold the handles. While you work out on the elliptical machine, you would move your legs and hands in back and forth manner in a changing motion. It serves to be an efficient and effective fat burning activity as it helps you to work out your lower and upper body simultaneously. An individual who weighs 180 pounds will burn up to 300 calories in a session of 30 minutes.
To conclude, the key to lose fat and weight is to burn more calories than you consume and also enhance your metabolism. You can succeed in your mission through these fat burning activities mentioned above. If you continue to perform these activities, they just not only reduce your waistline but also strengthen your heart and tone your muscles. You are sure to look slim and fit with a beautiful body. 
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